Mozambique Initiative Launches Alternative Christmas Gift Guide

It is because of your generosity this holiday season that our Mozambican brothers and sisters will have access to clean water, effective health care and educational opportunities. This guide presents a yearly cost breakdown of some MI ministries. These are what MI currently views as the most significant needs. Donate what you can. All the funds will be combined and dispersed as needed. Each section provides instruction on how to mark your special giving form. You can access the book online at

Resource Booklet From Commission on a Way Forward

The Commission on a Way Forward has released a booklet entitled Finding a Way Forward: Resources for Witness, Contextual Leadership and Unity. The booklet compiles the resources the commission consulted as part of its preparation for an interim report to the Council of Bishops. The booklet has been added to the Missouri Conference’s resource page on this issue, which is found at

Global Connect

You might remember Lucas Endicott speaking briefly about Global Connect at Annual Conference this past year. People who want to make a difference can now start their journey with Global Connect! The purpose of Global Connect is to prepare people to engage in mission. This new website,, is a starting point for people interested in becoming involved in hands-on mission. It’s a dynamic process, in which teams can work together, and leaders can work individually or together. Local leaders in the area receiving the mission team can also be engaged in the process. Check it out at:

WOW Registration Now Open

WOW is an opportunity for students to have a large group experience of fun, inspiration and faith-formation. January 20-21, 2018 at the Springfield Expo Center, thousands of students will come together for a newly refocused Weekend Of Worship featuring entertainment, praise bands, motivational speakers and small group time. In the middle of a draining school year, students will be energized to reconnect with their faith. Youth groups are encouraged to use this opportunity to come together in fellowship to worship, support each other, and most importantly have fun. Learn more and register at