2017 Charge Conference Clusters

Charge Conference season is quickly approaching and we want to make sure that church leaders and pastors have all the information needed for charge conferences. The theme for this year’s learning time will be based on the Annual Conference theme, “Remarkable.”

Deadline for completed forms is October 1st!!

Schedule: We have finalized the 2017 Cluster Charge Conference Schedule. To view the schedule with all the assigned churches, click the link below. If you need to change dates, please contact the district office for more information.

Click here to View the Schedule

Checklist for Forms

Charge Conference Form Checklist - This is a checklist can help churches track what forms are completed and outstanding

Support Forms


Church Officials

Evaluations (Pastoral) Forms (2017):

Other Forms:

Conference Special Giving 2016 Form

District Grant Application

Highest Ideals Brochure

Parsonage Agreement Form (pdf)

Parsonage Use Agreement (word)

Parsonage Guidelines

Parsonage Inspection Form

Parsonage Profile

Pet Damage Agreement Form


Manual Worksheets for Year-End Reports

NOTE: No user name/password needed - just close Windows Security box

Tips for Entering Year-end Statistics 

Table 1: Membership & Participation - Detailed Description of each Line

Table 2: Church Assets & Expenses - Detailed Description of each Line

Table 3: Church Income - Detailed Description of each Line

Manual Table 1 Spreadsheet

Manual Tables 2 & 3 Spreadsheet

Reporting Guidelines for Tables 2 & 3

Click link to enter year-end reports: