Year-End Reports:

To watch the Year End Report webinar training and download pertinent documents for year-end stats at this link:

The Year End Report module will open December 25, 2017. Here is the link to the module:

Username is GCFA number
Password is Conference number
(Look numbers on the church's conference apportionment statement or by clicking this link)

All reports need to be completed by Monday, January 29. 2018

If you would like to the Tips Sheet, which explains what should go in each line, please click here. 

If you would like to print a paper report please find it here  YEAR END PAPER REPORT.

Charge Conference Resources

We hope that you enjoy Cluster Charge Conferences in the Northwest District. Below are links to the PowerPoint, videos and additional resouces. Please let us know if you have any questions. 

Charge Conference PowerPoint:

Remarkable Video files:

  • David Meyer - 
  • Taylor and Katie Goodale -
  • Rev. Elsie Quintanilla-Perez –
  • Grant Skelton -
  • Mari Ann Moyer -
  • Grace in Lee’s Summit and El Dorado Springs UMCs(6:00 min) - - El Dorado Springs is the largest city in Cedar County (population: 3,593). 45% of residents live below the poverty line. A Methodist presence in El Dorado Springs has been around since 1881 but in recent decades the church had been in serious decline. Grace in Lee’s Summit has felt a call to multi-site in rural communities and began conversations about what a relationship would look like. Kevin McNeely is a former tradesman who felt called to serve God. He has moved his family into the community and serves as site pastor. Together, with senior pastor Jeremy Vickers, they are figuring out how best to minister to the people of El Dorado Springs.
  • Lockwood UMCs (4:00 min) - - The township of Lockwood (pop. 936) hasn’t had a “third place” – a place for the community to gather for some time. The UMC was “gifted” a building on main street that has been transformed into “The Crossing,” providing a space for fellowship for the young and old alike. Through this space, the people of Lockwood are serving their community and becoming the Church Christ has called them to be.
  • Mt. Moriah  UMCs(4:00 min) - - Mt. Moriah in little Jasper, Mo is the definition of an open country church. Yet, the community has a thriving children’s and youth ministry. For this country church, children and youth are vital and full participatory members in the community and the church takes great pride in investing into their lives.
  • Diamond UMCs (3:50 min) - - In deep-southwest Missouri, Diamond UMC is seeing growth through small groups. In fact, their Wednesday evening ministry reaches as many people as their Sunday service through a meal for families, young adult parent small group, and a growing youth group.

Remarkable Sermon Series: It is a 5-week sermon series based on Five Marks of a Methodist by Steve Harper. This is available as a download: or the Office of Connectional Ministries has limited supplies of the printed USB folders. Contact Kim for more information.

Northwest District Grant

The Northwest District is excited to offer an opportunity for churches to apply for ministry grants in the Spring and Fall. Grants will be awarded to churches that are requesting funds to support current ministries or develop future ministries. Below is the criteria that the Mission Council will use in granting funds:

  1. Grants will be primarily used to help establish congregational ministries that extend the work of the congregation into the surrounding community;
  2. The congregation must demonstrate a high level of financial commitment from its membership;
  3. The congregation must demonstrate how it will fund the ministry on an ongoing basis after the ministry is established;
  4. Grant requests will only be considered for congregations that paid 100% of conference and district apportionments the previous year.

Grant applications can be downloaded by clicking this link.

Fall Deadline: August 1stwith the announcement of grants by September 1st .
Spring Deadline: February 1stwith the announcement of grants by March 1st.
If you have any questions, please contact the district office.

Annual Conference Resources 

  • The Missouri Annual Conference Session concluded this morning in Springfield. To view the videos that were shown on breaks and during presentations, go to
  • The Daily Journal reports from Annual Conference Session have been posted to the Missouri Conference website. Read them at
  • A Remarkable Worship Series Planner was handed out via a thumbdrive. If you need one, the District office has a few we can mail to you. One pastor recently used this worship series and had this to say, " 

    On the week I preached "Methodist give thanks" I issued a "gratitude challenge" to the congregation -- part of that challenge was to fill this poster with what they're grateful for. Now this poster is hung in the office and I get to look at it every day that I'm here.  I've heard from many members how this challenge has changed their daily attitudes. This series was a huge blessing both to me and the Smithville UMC congregation."  - Rev. Rebecca Mulford 

Rentention Records 

The General Commission on Archives and History makes these guidelines available to facilitate the planning and creation of retention schedules for your annual conference and local church. They are available in two versions: pdf for formatted viewing and printing on line and as an MS Word document. Both versions can be downloaded and printed out. To read the pdf version you will need Adobe's Acrobat Reader version 5 or later.

Managing Records of the Local Church  [Word Version]

Supply Pastor(Lay Minister) Resources

Supply Pastor (Lay Minister) Sample Communition Liturgy 

Pulpit Supply List -  Updated April 2017

Licensed Local Pastor - Course of Study

Course of Study is a program of the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry, administered by the seminary, for the purpose of educating licensed local pastors in the United Methodist Church. The Saint Paul Course of Study School offers a variety of formats:

  • Summer Session-4 Weeks in July/August – each course is 1 week long (Mon – Fri)
  • Winter Session-2 Weeks in January – each course is 1 week long (Mon – Fri)
  • Fall and Spring–Weekend Sessionss

For more information about courses and deadlines:

2017 IRS Mileage Rate Decrease

Beginning on Jan. 1, 2017, the standard mileage rates for the use of a car (also vans, pickups or panel trucks) will be 53.5 cents per mile for business miles driven, down from 54 cents for 2016. 

501(c)(3) form 

There is an on-line process for each church to receive their own Group Tax Exemption Ruling letter.  Please go to and then choose FORMS in the left-hand section of the home page.  Then choose GROUP RULING under the Local Church heading, see direct link below.   You need to know the church’s FEIN to begin the process. Let the District office know if you have any questions.

Accountable Reimbursement Information

GCFA Q&A's & Qualifying/Non-qualifying lists


Book of Discipline, 2016 Cokesbury

Click here  to access a free online version  

Church Insurance: Additional Insured Information

“By listing the Conference & District as additional insured on the church's policy it simply insures that should there be a lawsuit the church's legal team, the district's legal team, and the conference legal team will all be working together on a solution. By listing the conference and district as additional insured the churches are in no way providing insurance for either. Both the districts and the conference carry their own insurance. It simply makes sure that all the legal teams have to work in the best interests of all parties. We all have a stake in the final outcome. By working together instead of against each other or independently the outcome is usually cheaper in legal fees and lower in assessed damages. This is why most insurance companies are willing to provide the service for no charge or for very little. So far Church Mutual, Brotherhood, UMI, and Grinnell have made the additional insured riders available at no cost to the church.

The technical name for this is ascending liability. So far in our experience whenever there is a charge of misconduct in the local church the district and conference are also named in the lawsuit. This helps us manage the risk inherent in this reality. The additional insured only comes into play when there is in issue in that church (Example: if Wesley UMC, the District and Conference are named in a suit, it does not mean that First UMC becomes involved.)”

Copyright Licensing

Christian Copyright Licensing International - - 1-800-234-2446

Lay Leader Power Point 2.4. 2017

Lay Servant Course Guide 

Lay Member to Annual Conference

Parsonage Information

Conference Parsonage Standards & Guidelines

Parsonage Profile

Parsonage Use Agreement

Pet Damage Agreement Form

Records Retention for Local Churches

GCFA Schedule for 2013-2016 (If you want more details, go to the full 60-page document at under the Resources menu and type "local church records retention" in the search box - indicated by the magnifier icon.)

Travel Reimbursement Policy

GCFA Guideliness in Q&A Format

Safe Sanctuaries - Local Church Information

For more complete & updated info, go to, then Safe Sanctuaries

Frequently Asked Questions

Local Church Next Steps

Options for Utility Bill Proof

LCA Authority Description

LCA Duties

Vital Signs

Quick Guide for Local Churches

Frequently Asked Questions re How and What to Count